Making Halloween So Simple It's Scary

Everything you need to curate and create a spooktacular Halloween.

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Patchwork Poltergeist
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Marsha and Skellie Friend

I'm Marsha

Welcome to my world of Making Make Believe. Here you will find DIY costumes, decorations, recipes, and all things Halloween to help you create haunted home decor, solve last-minute costume crises, and find inspiration to help you create a spooky look you will love.

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Memorabilia & Mischief

Halloween Cross Stitch

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Scare Up Some Fun


A Collection of Curiosities

A carefully curated collection of a few of our favorite themes.


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Tricks For Great Treats

Creepy Crafts

Fast Favorites

Last-minute DIYs for when you need it now.

5 Minute Flapper
Big Scare On A Budget
Quick As A Bunny
Bewitching Apple Brew

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